“I’d been doing a few of Sue’s classes for a few months but waited until my Summer holidays to start fitness camp as I wanted to have the time to kick start it properly.

I really wanted to lose some weight and get fitter as I’d been struggling the last few weeks of term with really low energy and didn’t have enthusiasm for anything! That issue was soon worked out, whilst following the ILI nutrition plan I have realised that I really don’t cope well with sugar and the lethargy, foggy head and daytime naps were a thing of the past after week one.

The sessions at camp have been brilliant, everyone is so friendly and I’ve never once felt judged or left out. Yes, there are people there who are fit and make most things look easy, but everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and just do their best. I think my fitness has improved massively over the four weeks; I feel stronger, fitter and full of energy! I have also had great results, losing 9Ib and 11 inches in the 4 weeks.

I would urge anyone to give it a try – the sessions fly by, you’ll have loads of fun and you will feel so much better about yourself in a very short space of time!”

Carly North aged 30


?I’d always been pretty slim growing up (size 10-12) and when I went UNI my weight began to go up; a combination of eating poorly, over indulging in alcohol and not doing as much exercise as when I was at school.

I left UNI and it continued to go up. I got married (and lost a bit of weight-PAINSTAKINGLY for the big white dress). Married life has seen 3 houses, 2 jobs, 2 babies, setting up my own tutoring business (and the inevitable bit of heartache life throws your way)-my weight crept up: I was now buying size 16 clothes… And was miserable with my size!!


I saw Sue when I was pregnant with my second and talked about nutrition with her-I’m a science teacher and have a real interest in this ever-changing area and it was clear straight away she’d done her research and knew far more than me. Even though I couldn’t come on the fitness camps whilst pregnant she added me to her mailing list (where I received regular motivational emails including some of her findings and evidence of what she was recommending) and she sent me recipe information to help me change my family’s eating habits.

When I felt able to (after I?d had my second son) I joined fitness camp-WOW! Coupled with Sue?s nutritional expertise and following her programme –

I lost over half a stone in a month-I went down a dress size!

I feel so much better in myself and so confident this is a change FOREVER for me, and my family! I’ve recommended it to everyone I see who comments on my weight loss. I love the sessions so much and 2 friends have joined because I keep going on about it!!

The group are friendly; Sue is lovely and keeps the tone fun!

She keeps the sessions fresh by doing different workouts every time. She says on her website she set out to make a family of group of likeminded friends and we are! The Facebook support groups are great and regularly see a sharing of recipes (teasing each other with pictures of scrummy healthy suppers) and banter about the sessions (normally about burpees with some hilarious photos!!).

The atmosphere on the field is awesome! First time I went I was really nervous-butterfly nervous!! But it was obvious straight away from the group atmosphere it was going to be fine and it was great fun!

Sue sends daily emails to help motivate you and give you ideas and evidence for what she’s suggesting and it’s always personal-she knows you individually! She asked me if I had a shoulder injury when I was doing press ups-I did have a very old one which didn’t cause me any problems-but apparently it was showing a little! She’s that observant of each individual!!

This absolutely kicks the pants off going to a sweaty soul-destroying gym!! (Talking of which I’ve now lost nearly 2 stone and have had to buy more pants!!) Get outside, make friends and get a spot-on personal trainer who is there every step of the way to help you achieve your goals!! ?

Dawn Thyne, 32 – Mum to George who is almost 3 and Charlie who is 8 months


Hi Sue

Following our conversation today, thought it would be really useful to share some news that I have received today.

KellyHalseySince the age of 11, I have suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. ?For those of you who are not aware of this, it is a condition that affects how a woman?s ovaries work. So, generally sufferers will have cysts on the ovaries and will produce high levels of “male hormones” called androgens.

The symptoms of PCOS includes: irregular periods or no periods at all, difficulty getting pregnant (because of irregular ovulation or failure to ovulate), excessive hair growth, weight gain, thinning hair and oily skin or acne.

As a result of this condition, I have regular scans and checkups to make sure that the cysts are not enlarged and that further cysts have not developed.

I have been attending Boot camp now for nearly 5 months and have been following the clean eating plan throughout my journey.

My goodness what a journey it has been.

Firstly, I have dropped from a size 16 down to a size 12 which is fantastic (can?t remember the last time, I was a size 12). That in itself is a huge success to me.

But forget the fat loss for a minute. Over the past 4 months, my periods have returned to normal, which the doctors found very strange. Based on this, they sent me off for another scan today to check there were no further underlying problems. ?And I have received some amazing news today. Having suffered with PCOS for the past 25 years, I have been told that both of my ovaries are now clear and completely normal.

Yes, the fat loss is amazing but being told that a medical condition has now been rectified is just the best news. Don?t ever under estimate the power of good nutrition and exercise.

Thanks to Sue and Jane for their continued support.

They really do change lives.

Kelly Halsey, Bawtry camp January 2014


Kelly fell in love with fitness. She also fell in love with what Isle Lose It can do for people. Since January 2014 she has qualified as an Isle Lose It Fitness Camp Coach and is Harworth Fitness Camp?s resident instructor. She has also qualified as an Insanity coach as well as a Clubbercise coach. Who would have thought she could possibly have come this far since she joined us? We are super proud of Kelly and love having her on the team!


After 2 years of health issues and operations, the last straw came when I was put on tablets for high blood pressure ? my Dad died very young of a heart attack and no way were my kids going to go through that! My doctor showed me my weight two years ago: 66kg, compared to then: 96kg. I saw I had actually been that weight. All the bull**** and denial about ?Me always being big and would never be different? had been shattered. I felt crap but determined to do something. I didn?t believe in any diets out there and felt I wanted to do something physical but found swimming boring and hated stuffy gyms.

On Facebook, someone mentioned boot camp – They must be mad! You wouldn?t get me out on a field, in all weathers at that time in a morning! I went for a run – and nearly collapsed after 5 minutes and stopped. I knew I couldn?t do it alone. Boot camp came into my head, and although I believed I could never do it, the fear of ending up like my dad pushed me to google boot camps.

The videos of other people on ILI?s website got me curious because they were normal. Sue?s words were straight and I felt she understood. It had me in tears of relief as I felt there WAS something I could do, even in my state. With my heart pounding out of my chest I contacted Sue and began the journey of changing my life.

Every day for the first week, I told myself I?d just come today then say no thanks, it?s not for me. On day 2, I thought ?It?s only 45 mins. I spend longer than that on Facebook! By the end of my first week, I was sore, exhausted and think my body was in shock! But I felt fantastic!

I still felt nervous about continuing and not being good enough, but other members talked about their reasons for going and experiences which reassured me and I didn?t feel alone anymore. The support from the team is amazing.

After one month at camp I lost 9? and 4lbs of fat.

For the first time in 5 years, my BP was down from 96 to 88! By the end of the second month of camp with 100% clean eating, I had lost 12lbs, 27.5? of body fat and my BP was 77. RESULT! There is no going back for me now. It?s still hard and I have some way to go but what fun I?m having!

Boot camp and clean eating are part of my life now as it works and is about so much more than fat loss.

It has changed my body, mind and outlook of life.

Now I want to get up early and feel excited for any new members that join because I know the transformation they will experience when they stick at it and commit to their health and happiness


Working Mum Amanda Clark,?44 years old,?Mum of 3



Three years ago I started out on a journey that has changed my life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined Isle Lose It – a fitness camp / bootcamp that is held in Epworth, Scunthorpe and Harworth. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and had zero energy and zero self esteem.?? When my first session arrived I had no idea what to expect and wasn?t sure if I?d be able to keep up. My concerns were immediately addressed! The group was of all ages, lots of different shapes and sizes and varying fitness levels and more importantly to me friendly and welcoming. Regardless of your fitness level there are always adaptations and easier options. I followed the eating plan, attended all of my sessions and within a month I had dropped a whole dress size and 17 inches. The eating plan is not faddy; there is no calorie counting, no measuring or weighing, no tablets or juicing just straight forward food that the whole family can eat.

Three years on, regardless of the weather, I am still going to my sessions. My reasons for continuing are different from my reasons for starting; I am no longer hung up about my weight I am more interested in how I feel. I have made loads of new friends, have a great social life and feel part of not just a bootcamp but a community. The support you get from the trainers and other campers is fantastic; we share recipes, share successes and encourage one another both on and off the field. Despite the fact that I am a busy working mum of 2 it is important for me to have some ?me time?- bootcamp provides me with this opportunity? 45 minutes 3-4 times a week to get fit, have fun and roll around in the mud!

Isle lose it has been changing people?s lives for over 4 years now and is run by dedicated and committed fitness professionals. The success of the Isle Lose It Fitness Group gives me piece of mind that they are there for the long haul and to help me whenever I need them.

Emma Watson, mum of two



I first joined fitness camp in November 2013 after some persuasion by my mum and giving myself a swift kick up the arse to get in shape for the wedding I had just booked for May 2015. I’d ballooned in size from easy eating and snack grabbing during Uni and my hospital placements; and despite joining fitness camp in November I continued to put weight on over Christmas as I ignored the clean eating programme and carried on comfort eating as Adie was deployed to Afghanistan. However I put myself into gear properly in the New Year and the support from fellow campers as well as Sue and other coaches both on the field and off was and still is phenomenal. When I first started I was quite nervous about people being judgemental and worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up; but I soon found camp is what you make it.

I could never do a full press up when I started and as for running well that’s another matter but yet now both I can do now. I even put myself forward to do a 10k muddy obstacle course with fellow campers a year after starting. Something I never dreamed I would be able to do. During summer 2014 I entered the body transformation comp at camp and came 4th place. I have now in total lost 1st 12 (but scales are for fish!). I’ve lost 5 inches off my waist and am 2 dress sizes smaller now. But most of all I’m healthier, happier and fitter. Sue is a fantastic coach and has a brilliant team which I will be extremely sad to leave when I move into married quarters with my future husband. And I will miss getting muddy on that field! I can’t thank Sue and all fellow boot campers enough for support and helping me to achieve my goals. It really has been a pleasure (apart from when burpees are involved haha) and I hope to continue my journey as an online camper and spreading the word down south! Remember, if it ain’t raining, it ain’t training ? xx

Jade Gravil