Interview With Sue -“Health and Weight Loss”Expert


How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a health and weight loss expert?

I didn’t actually get into the industry as an instructor until the ripe of age of 29. I had always been interested in sport and exercise but had only even BEEN to someone else’s session and never actually taken my own. However my late start hasn’t held me back and now with over 20 years’ experience I feel more than confident in my ability to help women from all walks of life become fitter, healthier and more confident with their bodies than ever before.

What made you want to become involved in health & fitness in the first place?

Well as I mentioned above I was always interested in it. I was really sporty at school and excelled at Hockey and Athletics. However, my childhood was “challenging” to say the least. My Father was an alcoholic and I lost my Mum when I was 6. Having no brothers or sisters life was pretty tough for the young Sue. I was also really REALLY skinny and during Secondary school suffered my fair share of bullying. I think the combination of a poor upbringing, the lack of a Mum and a negative body image from such a young age were the three things that led to my unhealthy relationship with food and subsequent eating disorder; Bulimia took its hold on me during my early to late 20’s. This was an extremely dark time for me and a place that I battled to get out of with all my might. The turning point for me was stepping into the role of an aerobics instructor at 29. I found that one, I was pretty good, and two, other people seemed to think so too and my classes went from strength to strength. Now I am doing exactly what I should be doing and realised a few years ago that my purpose is to help as many people as possible regain their confidence and self-esteem and FINALLY have the fit and healthy body they have always wanted.

Who are your clients exactly?

I mainly work with people aged between 30-55 years old who have tried pretty much every diet and exercise fad going and are confused and frustrated at their lack of long term, sustainable results. Most people that come to me are fed up of feeling fed up and know that they need to change but really don’t know what to do or how to do it. They want a plan; a step by step plan that offers on-going support and guidance. Often they have done no exercise at all for years and the thought of exercising in front of others fills them with dread. We soon show them though that there is no need to feel like that :)

How are you different from other weight loss experts in the area?

Well having over 20 years of experience in the industry as well as an abundance of life experience means that I understand and can empathise with the people that come to work with us. Having suffered weight issues myself I totally “get” how awful it makes you feel and how confusing it is when you have so much conflicting information being thrown at you from the media every single day. I understand how it feels to be “out of control” with your eating habits too and that is where I can offer support in abundance. I care deeply for my clients; each and every one of them and it is my duty to ensure that they finally get the health and the body that they really truly want.

You mentioned a ‘plan’? Can you tell us more about that?

Sure. Five years ago I created the first plan (the LIFE system) and it has evolved since then. We call it quite simply “The Body Transformation System” because it does exactly that; transforms bodies and lives.

It is a step by step plan that tells you what to eat and what not to eat (and why) and also dispels many of the “myths” that surrounds weight loss; myths that I myself used to believe were true. We also show you exactly how to exercise or maximum results. Too many people neglect resistance training and focus everything on just cardio exercise.

Whilst cardio is important, the way to build a fit, lean and strong body is to build lean muscle. This doesn’t mean you will look like pop-eye either but it does mean you will have more shape and more tone, not to mention a flatter tummy, smaller waist and slimmer thighs!

Does ‘The Body Transformation System’ really work?

Absolutely! Would I give a double money back guarantee on something that I wasn’t 100% sure about? This system when followed to the letter delivers results 100% of the time. Add to that the daily/weekly/monthly on-going support from myself and my team and we “have got your back”.

Getting what you eat right is key to the process. As part of the Body Transformation System you will get a 7 day menu plan to start you off, but during the process you will also receive more recipes too. Then there is the three (or four) fat blasting exercise sessions where you will be “coached” and not “told” what to do. You will be encouraged to do your best and simply that.

Just take a look at our success stories; these are real people achieving real success.

imageWhat results can I expect?

We guarantee at least one clothes size in the first 28 days but often find that people who stick to the system 100% achieve more than that. I would like to point out here that success is not just about measurements and weight loss. We deliver much more than that. The people that come to us experience raised confidence levels, increased self-esteem. They are happier, more productive, less stressed, sleep better and have more energy than ever before. This has a knock on effect on their relationships too so everybody wins!

Can I contact some of your current or past clients to see what it is like to work with you and your team?

Of course you can. I would be happy to ask them to contact you. Alternatively, why not come along for the first week of Camp and try us out for yourself? It’s a no obligation taster week and, if at the end of the week you love it (and I think you will!) then you join us, but if you don?t then walk away with our thanks for trying us out and pay nothing. What could be fairer than that?

What happens after the first 28 days?

We find is that most people who complete the first 28 day programme are so impressed with their results and progress that they decide to stay with us. We offer further 3, 6 or 12 month programmes to suit your personal needs. Each programme delivers continued support and guidance and provides up to date information on exercise and nutrition. I am a firm believer in investing in mine and my coaches’ education so that we (and thus you) never get left behind.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do and we find this the easiest, most secure way to deal with your payments.

Ok, I would like to sign up so how do we get started?

I find that the best way to get started is to get talking! Leave your details on the website and I will contact you firstly via email. We can then arrange a call at a convenient time for us both to see if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us too.

I am really looking forward to hearing from you,


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