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Frequently Asked Questions


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To register for the next camp simply email info@isleloseit.com or call 07912 367300. We have a selection of membership packages available from one month to twelve months and those details can be found on our memberships page

Of course it really depends on what the issues are, but you will be asked to fill out a pre-exercise questionnaire before you start your first week so you can note any issues that we need to know about on there. Alternatively if you email info@isleloseit.com with your medical concerns I will be able to let you know there and then whether or not camp will be suitable for you.

We are the only fitness company (that we know of) that actually offers a holiday discount scheme to our members so that they can continue with their camp membership during holiday season, but not pay for sessions they cannot attend.

We all know that life is not a straight line and sometimes with the best will in the world from time to time, getting to a session may be totally impossible for you. Whilst you cannot carry any missed sessions forward we will send you a home workout to do so you won’t miss out and don’t forget there is a 4th session available on a Saturday in Scunthorpe and a Sunday in Epworth (see Where and When)

At Isle Lose It we want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend your sessions. You can attend ANY venue and ANY time session that suits you best!

The nutrition plan we use at Isle Lose It is based on something called “clean eating”. We have used the same system since we started back in 2010 and I have used it personally for at least the past decade. It is based on REAL food and lots of it. No calorie counting, no different coloured days, no points, no syns no shakes and no bars. The nutrition plan is super simple to follow and backed up with a whole load of support via email/text and in our private Facebook support group and recipe group.

That really depends on how closely you follow our tried and tested easy to follow nutrition plan and how many camp sessions you actually attend. Those who follow the plan to the letter during their first month see incredible results. It is not unknown for new members to lose a stone or more in the first month and to easily drop at least one clothes size. Not only that but they sleep better, have less cravings for sweet things, have a reduced appetite, have much more energy and generally feel much healthier and happier.

Dress for the weather. As all our camps take place in the great outdoors, you will need warm waterproof clothing in winter (we have a great selection of branded clothing to suit all shapes, sizes and pockets) and cooler more breathable clothing in summer. Gloves are advisable whatever the weather and in winter waterproof footwear is preferred. Wear training clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged!

You will not look stupid and no matter what your fitness level is you will be able to take part! All our coaches are fully trained and able to give individual help and guidance as needed. And anyway, everyone there is too busy keeping an eye on themselves to worry about what you are doing! It is not a competition at Isle Lose It, everyone works to their own level and is encouraged to do their best at every session.

At Isle Lose It you don’t have to keep up with anybody else, nor will you be shouted at or be made to feel embarrassed or intimidated . Our sessions can be easily adapted to suit all fitness levels from beginner, to intermediate to advanced, you WILL NOT be left behind.

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